Order Management

Order Management Services Overview

Managing orders, invoices and customers via spread sheets or outdated software can lead to issues with your back office operations. Our staff monitors every aspect of the order entry process with the ultimate goal to produce, ship and invoice your customers seamlessly.

Working with our order management system is only a snippet of the service OPUS Remote provides. Our team becomes an expert in your product and business, and works as a direct extension to your back office. Our staff provides direct support to our clients with the understanding that if you succeed, we succeed.

Order Entry

Order Entry is the first step in the process and, after you transmit your client orders to OPUS, we take it from there. We will enter the orders, mail confirmations, process bulk order distributions, issue cancelation or change orders, maintain your customer database and handle returns or refusal processing.


EDI and UPC Management is a highly technical function that is the specialty of our experienced staff of professionals. OPUS will process EDI communications and manage the electronic catalog at GXS. UPC management, including transmission of EDI documents to customers, creation of UCC labeling, as well as implementing new account mapping and style master creation, are all facilitated by OPUS in a highly professional manner.

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Benefits Of Our Distribution Services


The OPUS team has over a hundred combined years of importing and wholesaling experience. Our experience helps to give your business a competitive edge while utilizing our back office solutions.


The experienced OPUS team is available 24/7 to support your business and execute administrative and logistical services. While you grow your business, OPUS will have your back.


OPUS is responsible, accessible and proactive. Our goal is to successfully execute your business transactions from order entry to collections, efficiently and effectively, each and every time.


The OPUS Data Management System offers 24/7 remote access to real-time data, giving you access to financial, operational and inventory information that will provide you with powerful business tools.

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