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More than 40 years of collective experience working with prominent brand names has made Modern
Pulse Consulting Group the go-to-consultancy in footwear. With their in-depth knowledge and a team
of seasoned industry professionals they have the unique ability to assist companies of all sizes in every
aspect of starting, running or reimagining a footwear business and turn their creative visions into an
integrated brand reality. They also are prepared to take on customized projects because they know all
business is not created equal.

Their clients value the years they have spent entrenched in their sector and the passion and knowledge
they bring to projects. Opus Remote is proud to be associated with Modern Pulse Consulting Group
and to help empower their clients with the tools they need to run a successful and profitable business.
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Design & Development
Technical Adviser
Leather & Color Sourcing Development
Factory / Agent Management Interfacing
Private Label

Business Optimization

Business Advisory
Business Plans
Cost of Goods Tracking and Analysis
Expenditure Analysis
Organization Effectiveness
Brand Expansion To Footwear


Contracting Negotiations
Supplier Evaluation
Cost Sheet Library and Advantages
Best Practices Implementation
Alternate Supplier Identification
Price Negotiations
First Cost/Private Label


Logo Identity Development
Web Development
Public Relations
Social Media
Trade Show and Retail Display
Retail Store Fixtures


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