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Distribution Services Overview

Distribution is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. Your product has been designed, priced and is ready to reach your clients at which point our distribution services kick into gear. With over 100 years of importing and exporting experience, our back office solution software and team will help make the distribution process easier, allowing you to focus on your product and customers. Our distribution service consists of the following:

The receiving process begins with our freight forwarder taking possession at the factory and arrangements for transportation to the U.S., at which time our customs brokers clear the shipment thru Customs and arrange for transport to our warehouse.
Once the shipment is received in the warehouse, OPUS kicks into a 48-hour rapid turnaround in allocating, picking, packing and contacting customers trucking company or arranging for UPS pick-up to ship to the client.
The shipment is received in the warehouse and Allocated based upon order specifications and shipped to the designated customers.
Advanced Shipping Notification designations allow for time-saving allocation and pre-notification to the customers transport team, resulting in rapid processing of shipments and minimize distribution turn-around time.
Shipping the orders from the warehouse to the designated customer is the most critical step in the distribution process. When the order arrives in the warehouse, the rapid movement of merchandise thru the distribution process is the key focus for the OPUS Team.
When the shipment is pick-up by the carrier to delivery to the designated customer, verification documents are quickly confirmed, invoices are produced and transmitted to the customer and the invoices are assigned to the factor, so that funds get credited and become available to theOPUS client or Vendor, at the earliest possible time. This begins the process of Accounts Receivable Management.
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Benefits Of Our Distribution Services


The OPUS team has over a hundred combined years of importing and wholesaling experience. Our experience helps to give your business a competitive edge while utilizing our back office solutions.


The experienced OPUS team is available 24/7 to support your business and execute administrative and logistical services. While you grow your business, OPUS will have your back.


OPUS is responsible, accessible and proactive. Our goal is to successfully execute your business transactions from order entry to collections, efficiently and effectively, each and every time.


The OPUS Data Management System offers 24/7 remote access to real-time data, giving you access to financial, operational and inventory information that will provide you with powerful business tools.

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